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Monday, February 26, 2018

Several Berlinale awards for films supported by the European Union

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News On the occasion of the 68th Berlinale, the Berlin International Film Festival, a Golden Bear and two Silver Bears were awarded to films that received financial support from the Creative Europe MEDIA programme.

Adina Pintilie’s “Touch Me Not” was awarded the Golden Bear for Best Film while “Las Herederas” by Marcelo Martinessi won the Silver Bear Alfred Bauer Prize for a film that opens up new perspectives and the Silver Bear for Best actress (Ana Brun).

Touch Me Not co-production from Romania, Germany, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and France, was supported by MEDIA programme at its development stage.
“Las Herederas” is a co-production from Paraguay, Uruguay, Germany, Brazil, Norway, France and it was supported by MEDIA via the international co-production funds.

In total 18 films screened at Berlinale had been developed or distributed with support of 895,000 euro funding from the EU’s Creative Europe MEDIA programme.

Source :  DG CONNECT




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