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Tuesday, December 7, 2004

Training Course : Conflict Transformation and Multi-Cultural Youth Work

Youth,Non-profit organisations,

News The training course is going to be held on 31 March - 11 April 2005 in Strasbourg. This course will focus on the analysis of conflict as it expresses itself in the context of youth work situations, often microcosms of wider societal conflicts.

The overall aim of this course is to enable participants to more effectively deal with issues of conflict and conflict transformation in a multi-cultural youth work context. The training course will specifically focus on analysing conflict and conflicts, how they relate to specific youth work contexts, particularly those of a multi-cultural nature and at the relevance of intercultural approaches to conflict transformation. The course will also focus on dealing with the fact that at one and the same time , the youth leader or worker is implied in the conflict he/she is trying to address and can have a role in its transformation.

Source :  COE


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