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Tuesday, April 30, 2002

A strategy for regional cooperation 2002-06 with Latin America

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News The European Commission has adopted two major decisions for its regional cooperation with Latin America

First of all it has developed a five-year regional strategy. The priority operations under this programme are the promotion of regional integration by strengthening civil society networks, a social initiative for helping to reduce inequalities and a programme for preventing natural disasters. The regional indicative budget is EUR 250 million. The second decision concerns a high-level study award programme, with a budget of more than EUR 40 million for the first phase 2002-05 (Alßan). Welcoming the approval of this programme by the Commission, the Member of the Commission with special responsibility for external relations, Chris Patten, stated: "This ambitious programme is a visible expression of the strengthening of the bi-regional partnership, as initiated at the European Union/Latin America Summit in Rio in 1999, which was followed by the Madrid Summit in May 2002. It is also one of the responses by the European Commission for helping the Latin American countries to face up to the double challenge of economic transformation which will make their economies more competitive while at the same time ensuring the stability of the democratic institutions and the modernisation of government administration".

Source :  Strategy document


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