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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Update of ESI Funds Open Data Platform

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News Among the 2014-2020 programme reforms was an obligation to provide the Commission with structured financial and indicator data through the common IT interface SFC2014. The benefit of such painstaking work can now be seen through the ESI Funds Open Data Platform which exploits the detailed structured data available on the 533 programmes. 

The Commission is progressively expanding the volume and scope of the data being made available. Priority is given to datasets that provided standard information across all five ESI Funds (ERDF, ESF, Cohesion fund, EMFF and EAFRD). Since its launch in December 2015, with datasets on planned financing and indicator targets for 2014-2020, two significant platform updates have already taken place:
- July 2016: update of planned financing to reflect all adopted programmes and the opening of specific pages visualising all 533 programmes (located via the country pages);
- December 2016: first information on implementation of finances and progress towards common indicator targets.

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