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The aim of the Europschool network is to create a common platform for European cooperation in preschool and primary education in order to reflect on research into the following topic: “How to better prepare children to experience intercultural diversity from the earliest age, what training to give teachers, and what teaching practices to follow”.

Objectives of the network:
- to promote, support and ensure the interaction and creation of synergy between Comenius 1 school partnership projects aimed at increasing the number of exchanges between European teachers on the specific teaching practices they use to handle intercultural education, in particular in multicultural classes, and Comenius 2.1 projects concerning European cooperation programmes for training teaching and educational staff in this field.
- to strengthen partnerships with all members of the teaching community to ensure increased development of intercultural action and language teaching activities.
- to use ICT to underpin the learning process and to improve and enrich the quality of this process in intercultural exchange projects.

The main activities of the network are:
- implementation of a joint European cooperation platform
- comparative survey of the diversity of teaching approaches, methods and practices in the partner countries in this field
- gathering, analysis and exploitation of the educational material available in each partner country
- inventory and analysis of the evaluation tools used in schools in the partner countries
- examination and analysis of educational policies in the partner countries on the topic concerned
- organisation of cooperatation and evaluation meetings for the network members, public conferences and contact seminars for the educational teams.

GRANT AMOUNT: € 446,819

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