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Understanding and identifying EU Funds

Find here all relevant information which will allow you to successfully apply to EU Grants. Whether you are a public or private organisation, an NGO, a local authority, a network… your project can be eligible to European Funds. Improve your chances of success by reading all european programmes, calls for proposals from the European Commission, news, events, factsheets… about EU Funds.

Welcomeurope presents €urolab<br/>
The solution to benefit from EU Funds

The solution to benefit from EU Funds

Welcomeurope presents €urolab
The solution to benefit from EU Funds

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Structural Funds

Structural Funds

What are the European Structural Funds? How can project leaders benefit from them?

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Innovation: which funding opportunities for French companies?

The European Union has deployed two main funding mechanisms for innovation:
1) EU programmes managed by the Europea...


<p dir="ltr">SMEs: major players in innovation</p>

SMEs: major players in innovation

Research and innovation are essential pillars of current European policy. Indeed, the European Union ...


Definition of words frequently used for EU Grants

Eurofunding Toolbox

Methodological sheets, templates, forms, case studies...

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