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Find here all Zooms on EU Funds and EU calls for proposals from the European Commission.

NGO, associations and EU funding

The database on European funds EUROFUNDING, contains more than 200 funding programmes open to NGOs, either non-governmental either civil society organisations and not for profit organisations invol...

The Life Cycle

In you want to benefit from a European funding it is important to understand the logic of the programme and hence its life cycle. We can define 4 phases: the preparation phase, the programming phas...

New rules for the financial management of the structural funds

Under the new programming for the structural funds 2007-2013, the Commission establishes new rules to simplify and facilitate the financial management of the funds.

Which stakeholders for a partnership ?

The partnership is a key element when building a European project. Therefore it is really important to know the different stakeholders and their respective parts.

New Executive agencies for FP7

The European Commission wishes to offload non-political programs such as FP7 and CIP to newly setup Executive agencies. Project officers will be moving from the European Commission to theses new Ex...

Knowing the financial principles of grant requests - second part

Within all Community grants, financial contributions are subject to some rules deriving from the Financial Regulations applicable to the General Budget of the European Union, such as the General Te...

Easier access to EU funding with Welcomeurope

Knowing the trends in financial management The EU's financial management rules are laid down in the Financial Regulation and its implementing rules, which together with sector-specific legal ...

How to make synergies between the EU funds for innovation.

Central to the realisation of the goals of the Lisbon Agenda is the need to promote the knowledge economy, in particular through research, technological development and innovation (RTDI). EU sup...

Financial aspects of grant requests

Every year the Call text defines the indicative annual budget available for specific projects. The Commission’s contribution to a project will be situated between a minimum and maximum amount, defi...

Operating Grants

Many European funding programmes provide the possibility to support the activities of NGOs or other not for profit organisations, working on a European objective or having a European dimension.

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