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Discover the new European awards for environment

The EU recognizes outstanding achievements in many fields, including environmental innovations and awareness raising actions. Enterprizes, local authorities and associations can get involved and apply for the different awards in this field that are shortly described below.

For more details, please consult the programmes' sheets in Eurofunding database.
The European Business Awards for the Environment are designed to recognise and promote european enterprizes which make by their policies, practices, processes and products, an outstanding contribution to sustainable development. The European Business Awards for the Environment were launched in 1987 to stimulate technological developments and the creation of a sustainable society, and are in line today with the EU's 6th Environment Action Plan. Interested candidats must contact their national contacts first as only organizations that have already received a national award are eligible to compete for the European Awards. Direct entries are not possible. The deadline for sending entries for the 2008 edition is 20th january 2008.

The European Solar Prize is awarded to any public or private organization , for its outstanding initiatives of renewable energy utilization. The aim of this award is to promote solar energy and to stimulate its use in divers fields. The prize is awarded in several categories, . Applications must be send before the end of July every year.

The European Sustainable City Award is part of the Campaign for Sustainable Cities. As its name shows, it targets local and regional authorities. The campaign aims at promoting development towards sustainability at the local level through Local Agenda 21 processes, by strengthening partnership among all actors in the local community as well as interauthority co-operation. The event is organized every two years in the framework of the European Sustainable Cities and Towns Campaign in 42 countries, and in partnership with Eurocities, UTO, ICLEI, WHO and the EC expert group on urban environment.

The European Greenways Award is decerned to local and regional authorities, as well as to associations that are active in the development, the use and the promotion of greeways. The aim is to encourage best practice facility which shows the best integration of the various characteristics that define greenways, and which also demonstrates specific strengths which in the opinion of the jury make it exemplary - the success of this facility should be confirmed by its public popularity and demonstrable impact on sustainable development. The entries for participation has to be sent before 15th July 2007.

Finally, The European Environmental Press Award rewards annually companies having developped innovative technologies to improve environment. This award underlines their engagement to improve environment and allows them to attain European recognition for their business or project.

Interested in participating to these awards? You will find all criteria and deadlines in Eurofunding database.



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