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ICT Policy Support Programme

The ICT Policy support programme (called ICT PSP)launches it first call 23 May. The Commission organises an information the 24th of May.

Find hereafter the key elements of this new programme.The Competitiveness and Innovation framework Programme (CIP) runs for the years 2007-2013 and is organised around three multi-annual specific programmes:

• The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme (EIP)

• The Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Policy Support Programme (ICT PSP)

• The Intelligent Energy Programme (IEP)

The ICT Policy Support Programme (ICT PSP) will be running from 2007 to 2013 with a budget of € M 728.

Context – The i2010 initiative
The EU adopted in 2005 a new strategic framework, i2010 – A European Information Society for growth and employment that promotes an open and competitive digital economy and emphasises ICT as a driver of inclusion and quality of life. The ICT Policy Support Programme in the CIP is one of the main financial instruments of i2010.

Objectives of ICT PSP
The ICT Policy Support Programme will help overcome the hurdles hindering the development of an information society for all in support of the i2010 goals. It will help develop lead markets for innovative ICTbased solutions notably in areas of public interest. This will help open a wide range of new business opportunities in particular for innovative SMEs providing ICT based solutions.

Main Themes in 2007
The programme will focus on three main themes in 2007:
• Efficient and interoperable eGovernment services
• ICT for accessibility, ageing and social integration
• ICT for sustainable and interoperable health services

Other themes and horizontal actions
Actions within the above themes will be complemented by actions of a horizontal nature and addressing other themes. In 2007, actions will address the following themes:
• Sharing experience on ICT initiatives for SMEs
• Supporting sustainable growth
• Intelligent cars awareness action
• Privacy protection infrastructures

Three types of instruments are defined in order to reach the ICP PSP objective of a wider uptake and best use of ICT by citizens, governments and businesses and in particular SMEs.
Pilot A actions will help ensure the EU-wide interoperability of ICT-based solutions that are being launched or are already in operation in the Member States. They will help ensure cross border access to these services and avoid market fragmentation of innovative services and products.
Pilot B actions will support the implementation and uptake of novel ICT-based solutions.
Thematic Networks will support experience sharing and consensus building on ICT policy implementation.

Call for proposals 23 May 2007
Deadline 23 October 2007
Start of the projects: early 2008


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