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New Executive agencies for FP7

The European Commission wishes to offload non-political programs such as FP7 and CIP to newly setup Executive agencies. Project officers will be moving from the European Commission to theses new Executive agencies.The task of executive agencies is to manage (literally to execute) specific activities that would normally have been carried out by specific departments within the European Commission. As they concentrate on this management role, and have no policy remit, executive agencies can be more effective and more efficient in addressing the needs of their client base (in this case the research communities).
The setup of these new agencies will create a major disturbance for all at the end of this year when the transfer is due to take place.
Executive agencies are new organisations established by the European Commission which will be entrusted with certain tasks relating to the management of one or more Community programmes.

These agencies are set up for a fixed period. Their location has to be at a seat of the European Commission (Brussels or Luxembourg).


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