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Which stakeholders for a partnership ?

The partnership is a key element when building a European project. Therefore it is really important to know the different stakeholders and their respective parts.Let’s see first the main stakeholders, compulsory for any European project: the contracting party and the partner. The contacting party names the organisation (company, NGOs, public administration…) in charge of drawing up the funding application. It signs the grant agreement with the Commission once the project has been selected. This organisation is the network leader and is also accountable to the financing authorities for the overall management of the project. A partner is an organisation that actively participates in the project (from its drafting to its completion). It is not directly accountable to the Commission, nevertheless it is more than a sub-contractor. Usually at least 3 partners from 3 different countries are required to answer a call for proposals. In addition to these two stakeholders, other organisations can participate in a European project. The contracting party or a partner can ask a sub-contractor to carry out a part of the project, through a contract ensuring the payment of this activity. Sub contracting cannot exceed 10 or 20% of eligible costs. The associated partner or associate brings an added value to the project. It can implement one of several actions and can be from a country not eligible in the call for proposals. Some partnerships decide to implement a scientific committee made up of external experts or a strategic committee to get monitoring and evaluation systems. The co-financer brings financial support to the project and has to be mentioned in the budget, on the resources line. It can be a private or public structure. Finally, some VIP can sponsor projects. Ministers, MPs, writers can in this way bring their support to your project.


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