36 million euro to fund 16 innovative projects under the EU FTI scheme

June 8, 2016

Hat: 16 innovative projects receive 36 million euro from the European Commission under the FTI scheme.

Funding Scheme: 2016-06-08

Pgm2014 2020: Yes


The European Commission funds 16 innovative projects for 36 million euro under the fourth round of the Fast Track to Innovation scheme


The technologies developed by the projects funded by the European Commission are, for instance : advanced composite material technology for wind turbine blades, a laser robot that detects weld defects in ship hulls, a perfected reperfusion device used for resuscitation, ocean energy technologies and a new faster test for antibiotic susceptibility testing in bacteria. 72 partners are involved in the 16 projects, in 16 countries to allow their innovation to access to the market faster.

It was the fourth round of the FTI scheme, which was launched in January 2015. It attracted a total of 263 project proposals involving 1157 participants. Then, the total number of proposals received since the launch of the programme is 1166, of which 62 were selected to receive more than €134.7 million in funding in total. 

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