9th European Conference on Sustainable Cities and Towns

April 27, 2020

Hat: 9th European Conference on Sustainable Cities and Towns

Pgm2014 2020: Yes


The conferences call for the acceleration of bottom-up action and change, to ultimately push and accelerate the ambition of global frameworks for sustainability and climate change. Held every three years, the conference is the multi-level interface between the European Union and sustainability action at local level.

On the agenda:

  • What is the change we need and what can cities do to make this happen? 
  • How can a European Green Deal become a true opportunity for change? 
  • What is the social and environmental impact of digitalisation and what is its public value?
  • What is the perspective for a sustainable economy we need? 
  • How local and how global are the perspectives for a new economic model? 
  • Who is responsible? And who pays the bill? 
  • How can integrated urban development and management respond to the challenge?
  • What do our citizens want and what can they do themselves? 
  • How can we step up citizen mobilisation for positive transformation? 
  • How can this become the transformation that we all want? 
  • How can we scale up local action to the national and European levels? 
  • How do we go mainstream? 
  • Who else do we need to make this happen? 
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