Additional European funds for Syrian refugees

March 14, 2018

Hat: Additional European funds for Syrian refugees

Funding Scheme: 2018-03-14

Pgm2014 2020: Yes


The European Commission is mobilising additional funds through the Syrian Refugee Fund, which aims to improve access to education and supports 1.2 million refugees with monthly transfers.


The Commission proposes to mobilise the second 3 billion euro tranche of the Facility, with 1 billion euro from the EU budget and calls on Member States to follow suit quickly so that the successful and effective work of the Facility can continue.
The Syrian Refugee Fund aims to respond to development needs, increase the resilience of the people in Syria, contribute to social cohesion and community-level development, build capacity and coordinate the organizations of the Syrian refugee community and the civil society in Syria.

Url description: Press room of the European Commission