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Sectors: Industry, Innovation, New technologies, Town planning, Transport

Beneficiaries: Administrations States, Corporations, Development NGOs, International Organisation, Local and Regional authorities, Research centres, SMEs, Universities

Regions: European Union

Category: Call for Proposals


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WE Funding – CEF – Ensure…
Funds for: Ensure sustainable and efficient cross-border transport systems
Main beneficiaries: Corporations

Responsible: European Commission


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Funds for: Ensure sustainable and efficient cross-border transport systems
Main beneficiaries: Corporations

Priorities and funded actions:

* Remove bottlenecks, enhance rail interoperability, bridge missing links and, in particular, improve cross-border sections concerning:
– Rail, road and inland waterway cross-border sections;
– Connections to and the development of maritime ports
* Ensure sustainable and efficient transport systems in the long run, with a view to prepare for expected future transport flows, as well as enable all modes of transport to be decarbonised through the transition to innovative low-carbon and energy-efficient transport technologies, while optimising safety


* Projects on the Comprehensive network: Works concerning cross-border infrastructure projects for railways, inland waterways and roads, as well as works concerning connections to and the development to maritime ports;
* Projects on Rail Freight noise: Mitigate rail noise at its source by retrofitting the existing freight wagons with composite brake blocks

Among financed actions
* Works: purchase, supply and deployment of components, systems and services including software, the carrying out of development and construction and installation activities relating to a project, the acceptance of installations and the launching of a project;
* Studies: activities needed to prepare project implementation, such as preparatory, mapping, feasibility, evaluation, testing and validation studies, including in the form of software, and any other technical support measure, including prior action to define and develop a project and decide on its financing, such as reconnaissance of the sites concerned and preparation of the financial package

Additional information
* This call for proposals is an open call for proposals

* Eligibility
– Be a legal person;
– Be: an EU Member State, an international organisation, a joint undertaking, a public or private undertaking/body established in an EU Member State
– Neighbouring and third countries and entities established in such countries may participate in actions contributing to projects of common interest where necessary in order to achieve the objectives of a given project of common interest. They may not receive financial assistance except where it is indispensable to the achievement of the objectives of a given project of common interest;
– Proposals may be submitted by entities which do not have legal personality under the applicable national law, provided that their representatives have the capacity to undertake legal obligations on their behalf and offer guarantee for the protection of the Union’s financial interests equivalent to that offered by legal persons;
– Applicants must receive the agreement of the concerned EU Member States to be eligible