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Sectors: Environment, Industry, Information, Innovation, New technologies, Public Management, Telecommunications, Transport

Beneficiaries: Administrations States, Agencies Chambers, Corporations, International Organisation, SMEs

Regions: European Union

Category: Call for proposals


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Responsible: European Commission


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This call for proposals aims to optimise the integration and interconnection of transport modes and enhancing the interoperability of transport services, while ensuring the accessibility of transport

Priorities and funded actions:

3.1. Single European Sky – SESAR(285 000 000 euro)
3.2. River Information Services (21 850 000 euro) 
3.3. Intelligent Transport Services for Road( 68 750 000 euro)
3.4. Motorways of the Sea (250 000 000 euro)
3.5. Actions implementing transport infrastructure in nodes of the core network, including
urban nodes (50 000 000 euro)
3.6. Connections to and development of multimodal logistics platforms (55 000 000 euro)

Among financed actions
– To improving the performance of air traffic management (ATM) in Europe by modernising and harmonising systems
– To harmonise The River Information Service across Europe with a view to enhancing safety, efficiency, and environmental friendliness and to facilitating interfaces with other transport modes
– Implementation of works for the deployment of ITS for road