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Sectors: Environment, Innovation, New technologies, Research, Town planning

Beneficiaries: Corporations, Development NGOs, Local and Regional authorities, Non-profit organisations, Research centres, Schools, SMEs, Universities

Regions: European Union

Category: Call for Proposals


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Responsible: European Commission


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Climate-KIC – Call 2-2020 – 2020
Funds for: Supporting ambitious initiatives with a clear pathway to positive climate impact

Priorities and funded actions:

* Climate Innovation Ecosystems: turn places and networks into climate innovation hotspots;
* Earlier Stage Innovation: develop high-quality Early Stage proposals that deliver change around the 12 Impact Goals;
* Later Stage Innovation: support validated scaling models with a clear climate impact to ensure they reach their full potential and scale;
* Education: provide experiential training, within a blended learning approach, to promote the thinking, competences, skills and leadership required for system-wide climate action;
* Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS): generate and develop, as well as test and trial innovative approaches and ideas, and bring together key innovation stakeholders from across the knowledge triangle in EIT RIS countries;

* Climate Innovation Ecosystems:
– Each Geography has produced its specific priorities;
* Earlier Stage Innovation:
– Explore and confirm an innovation opportunity;
– Validate scaling models, making innovation endeavours more attractive to investment, and reducing risks in further development;
* Later Stage Innovation:
– Support multiple stakeholders with funding and services to de-risk the demonstration of innovations;
– Provide funding and support for proven innovations and market-ready solutions to reach the next stage of replication;
* Education:
– Learning Hub: provides the infrastructure and strategic resources to support capacity building, mindset shifts and behavioural change around the EIT Climate-KIC impact goals;
* Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS): 
– Energy transition;
– Adaptation;
– Circular economy;
– Access to finance

Among financed actions
* Climate Innovation Ecosystems:
– National and Subnational Ecosystems Projects; 
– Cross European Projects;
* Earlier Stage Innovation:
– Pathfinder projects;
– Partner Accelerator;
* Later Stage Innovation:
– Demonstrator Programme;
– Scaler Programme;
* Education:
– Learning Hub; 
– The Journey – 2020 only; 
* Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS):
– RIS City Catalysers; 
– RIS Urban Challenges 

Additional information
* This call for proposals is an open call for proposals

* Initial duration of the action: between 6 and 12 months, depending on the programme

* Eligibility:
– Be an EIT Climate-KIC Partner
– Non-EIT Climate-KIC Partners can apply to the call but will not be eligible to receive EIT funding until they have Partner status

– Actions must take place in the European Union