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Sectors: Education - Training, Environment, Youth

Beneficiaries: Universities

Regions: European Union

Category: Call for Proposals

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Responsible: European Commission


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Climate-KIC – The Journey Hosts 2020 Call – 2020
Funds for: readying graduates for a zero carbon future in which they must navigate their careers

Priorities and funded actions:

* To join the Journey and to be part of a pan European network of hosts;
* To prepare graduates for a zero carbon future in which they must navigate their careers;
* To shape these future change agents and have the opportunity to introduce them to local offerings and bring them into the community

* First host
– Showcase of a complex challenge system and all its actors in its current state; 
– Participants understanding of the complexity of a system in which change must occur;
– Network and community building;
– Systems innovation methodology; 
– Systems innovation understanding;
– Access experts; 
– Autonomous learning; 
– Enhancing local partner relationships;
– Disseminating research and project knowledge; 
– Offering challenge scenarios to talented people;

* Second host
– Making stakeholder engagement and prototyping a transferable and widely applicable skill set; 
– Developing action plans to make significant change towards current climate change systems (small or large);
– Learning to apply implementation tools to business, projects, and campaigns;
– Interacting within a stakeholder environment; 
– Developing a peer network of like-minded people; 
– Access experts and high use of the Journey participant group expertise;
– Learning by doing;
– Opening entrepreneurial environment to new talent; 
– Connecting local partners, experts, peers, and alumni;
– Developing the community;

* Final host
– Launching talent into the Climate Knowledge Innovation Community; 
– Completing the Journey;
– Expanding the Journey community; 
– Partner networking;
– Community entry point;
– Seeing opportunities and immediate access to them;
– Completing assignment;
– Reflection and learning objective embedding;
– Lively, proactive, and stimulating environment; 
– Prestige of large scale event; 
– Talent sourcing;
– EU funding and network

Among financed actions:
* First host
– Pre Journey webinars;
– Coaching and autonomous learning (40% of the programme); 
– Ecosystem  (40%);
– Clinics (20%) 

* Second host
– Coaching And autonomous learning (40 – 50% of the time allocated in the programme);
– Clinics (10 – 20%);
– Workshops (20%); 
– Prototyping (20%) 

* Final host
– 2 x open space days with all participants present and strong networking and systems facilitation provided by Climate-KIC; 
– 2x coaching, write up and reflection days

Additional information
* This call is an open call for proposals

* Initial duration of the action: 
– First host: 1.5 weeks early July and 1.5 weeks early August
– Second host: 1.5 weeks mid July and 1.5 weeks mid August
– Final host: 1 week end July and 1 week end August

* Eligibility:
– Be established in a country participating in the KIC Climate

– Actions must take place in the European Union