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Sectors: Co-op & Development, Industry, Information, Innovation, New technologies, Research, Services, SME Policy, Trade

Beneficiaries: Administrations States, Agencies Chambers, Banks, Research centres, SMEs, Universities

Regions: Africa-Carribean-Pacific, Asia, Balkans, Central America, Developing countries, European Economic Area, Gulf countries, Latin America, Mediterranean countries, New Independant States, Northern America, Pacific, Switzerland, Worldwide

Category: Call for expressions of interests


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Additional info regions:

* European Economic Area: Lichstenstein, Switzerland

* Balkans: Kosovo

Responsible: European Commission


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This call for expressions of interest aims to establish ‘Business Cooperation Centres’ for the Enterprise Europe Network in international markets in order to form a unique international network of excellence facilitating business cooperation, technology transfer and research collaboration.

Priorities and funded actions:

This call addresses leading business and innovation support organisations located in third countries other than those participating in the Programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (COSME)

Application’s documents
– An implementation strategy for the period 2015 – 2020 defining the geographical area covered by the consortium, the role of each organisation within the consortium and the methodologies used to implement the planned activities (based on an analysis of the particular needs of the SMEs in the country or region to be covered)
– An annual work programme for activities and the expected use of resources (available budget, staff members and man-hours)

Services of ‘Business Cooperation Centres’
* Service activities
– Cross-border partnership services to enhance business cooperation, technology transfer, innovation and research cooperation between SMEs established in the EU (and COSME participating countries) and in third countries
– Support and information services related to partnership building between SMEs
– For organisations in third countries participating in Horizon 2020 only: services to enhance the innovation management capacities of SMEs
* Enabling activities
– Promotion of the Network and communication activities
– Network building and reinforcing the Network