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Sectors: Education - Training, Health, Justice - Security

Beneficiaries: Development NGOs, Non-profit organisations

Regions: Asia, European Union

Category: Call for proposals


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Additional info regions:

Asia : Thailand


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Responsible: European commission


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The global objective of this call for proposals is to contribute to a long-term solution to the challenges encountered by the Myanmar refugees living in 9 camps along the Myanmar border

Priorities and funded actions:

– To continue with the provision of basic services in the nine camps
– To continue the hosting of communities in Thailand, while preparing Myanmar refugees for a possible return process

– Continue access to basic services for refugees in the nine camps along the Thai-Myanmar border and their hosting communities, leading to self-reliant and sustainable outcomes
– Improve camp governance through sector-based interventions, leading to more self-reliant and empowered encamped refugees, including the most vulnerable
– Improve preparedness for a sustainable voluntary return, in line with international standards
– Maintain essential health and wash services in the camp
– Ensure continuum of care for persons with specific medical needs
– Establish the systematic health related information sharing mechanism
– Build community and individual capacity towards resilience and self-determination
– Continue the provision of education services until a durable solution for all refugees is found
– Basic Education, post-secondary students have their academic records documented and available
– Camp education certificates are recognized upon return
– Develop skills among refugees that lead to future employment and income generating opportunities
– Strengthen the capacities of refugees to conduct livelihood programs and network with a variety of stakeholders
– Promote participatory decision-making over service delivery and resource allocation through e.g. Community managed targeting of assistance
– Promote participation of women/ethnic minority women in the governance structures of the camps