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Sectors: Any fields

Beneficiaries: All beneficiaries

Regions: Central Asia

Category: Call for proposals


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Responsible: European Commission


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DCI – CSO – Civil Society Organizations as actors of Governance and Development Work in the Field – Chine – 2020
Fund for : enhancing Chinese CSO’s capacities to contribute to governance and development process in China through capacity building, networking, advocacy and research.

Priorities and funded actions:

*  To increase NGO capacities to strengthen women’s participation in decision-making, and gender equality mainstreaming;
* To increase NGO capacities to empower People with Disabilities and to better integrate them in society. To protect and empower other vulnerable groups (migrant women, left-behind children and elderly, youth at risk…);
* To increase the participation of CSOs in tackling climate change and mitigating its adverse effects.

* Promoting policy dialogue on gender equality, human and women’s rights;
* Promoting women and girls’ role as agents of development and change, for instance;
* Involving men and boys’ associations, women’s organisations, youth organisations, and media in the transformative process of engendering social change, in particular by challenging stereotypes;
* Deepening multi-stakeholder partnerships, i.e. including “non-usual” stakeholders in processes: trade unions, media, financial actors etc.;
* Advocating for gender sensitive policy making, alignment and respect of international frameworks on human rights and gender equality;
* Promoting policy dialogue on issues, policies and programmes affecting people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups;
* Strengthening  CSOs focusing on people with disability, and other vulnerable groups, to deliver social services and promote social policy dialogue in partnership with local authorities;
* Monitoring, advocating for and piloting more effective and inclusive social-economic policies for people with disabilities, and other vulnerable groups;
* Supporting the adoption of international norms and standards concerning people with disabilities;
* Promoting CSO capacities to raise awareness and advocate on climate change and environmental protection issues;
* Enabling the transition to a climate-resilient, low-emissions, circular economy through i.a. resource efficiency and sustainable consumption and production, etc.;
* Helping to build capacity to mainstream climate change, disaster risk reduction and environmental sustainability and the pursuit of green growth into national and local development strategies;
* Making better use of science, technology and innovation to promote climate action and environmental sustainability

Amoung financed actions 
*  Actions including an innovative approach to capacity building activities for Chinese CSOs; Actions implemented at both central and local level;
* Actions including a sound scale up and replication strategy;
* Actions promoting the participation of CSOs in the design and implementation of social policies;
* Actions establishing sustainable partnerships among Chinese CSOs and State Actors;
* Actions involving trilateral cooperation between Europe, China and a third country;
* Actions mainstreaming gender equality

Additional information 
* Initial duration of the action : between 30 and 48 months
* This call for proposal is a closed call for proposal. In first instance, only concept note will be evaluated

* Eligibility :
– Be a legal person
– Be non-profit-making
– Be Civil Society Organisations
– Be established in People’s Republic of China or a Member State of the European Union, or a Member State of EEA countries

* Actions must take place primarily in the People’s Republic of China.