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Sectors: Citizenship, Local development

Beneficiaries: Local and Regional authorities, Non-profit organisations

Regions: Latin America

Category: Call for proposals


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Additional info regions:

Latin America : Bolivia


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Responsible: European Commission


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The global objective of this call for proposals is to strengthen Civil society organisations (CSOs) and Local authorities (LA) in Bolivia to improve governance and promote a sustainable and inclusive growth. The call for proposals is divided in 2 Lots ; Lot 1 for CSOs and Lot 2 for LAs.

Priorities and funded actions:

Lot 1: Civil society organisations
– Promote a greater participation of civil socierty in the design, implementation and monitoring of public policies in the framework of the new planning scenario (law 777), and the Economic and social development plan for Bolivia (law 789).
Lot 2: Local authorities
Strengthen LAs and autonomous public institutions, operating in a determined territory, that promote local development through an integrated territorial approach within the framework of the latest Economic and social development plan for Bolivia (law 789).

Lot 1: CSOs
– Actions aiming at creating or strengthening 3rd and 4th level organisations in their managing and organisational capacities in order to enhance their vertical and horizontal interactions, and coordination with the Bolivian public and private sector.
3rd level CSO – thematic or regional networks (e.g : National-level associations, federations, or informal networks with a mandate to defend a common interest). 
4th level CSO – Dialogue platforms and forums for overarching organisations and global 3rd level CSO networks. More information (ES) can be found here: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/fpfis/mwikis/aidco/index.php/Sociedad_civil
Lot 2: LAs
– Pilot actions aiming at promoting participation processes in territorial planning and management of protected sub-national areas and their buffering areas based on the territorial approach of local development (TALD).
Lot 1 and 2:
-At least one of the following cross-cutting themes should be considered: gender equlity, conflict prevention, Children’s rights, rights of indigenous people and of afro-descendants, the sustainability of the environment, rights of minorities suffering from discrimination, or handicaped people.
– proposals must analyse the situation of women in the propposal’s context, propose measures aiming at provoke changes that better the situation of women in the economic and social sector.

Among financed actions
Lot 1
– Enhance institutional capacities of CSO networks (e.g: enhance governing structures, planning and financing methods). 
– Enhance capacities of CSO networks to influence the policy making process at different levels of government and to contribute to the design and implementation of public policies.
Lot 2
– Proposals will concentrate on the management of natural ressources in sub-national protected zones and buffer zones according to the local territorial development approach.