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Sectors: Citizenship, Co-op & Development, Human Rights, Local development, Social Affairs

Beneficiaries: Local and Regional authorities

Regions: European Union, Latin America

Category: Call for proposals


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Additional info regions:

Latin America : Uruguay


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Responsible: European commission


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The global objective of this call for proposals is the strengthening of local authorities for an improved governance and the promotion of a sustainable and inclusive development and that contributes to equality between territories.

Priorities and funded actions:

– Strengthening the capacities of local authorities for them to participate in the formulation and monitoring of public policies that have an impact on the process of decentralisation, development and/or local governance, as well as the integration of the local dimension in sectorial policies
– Local authorities strengthen their capacities in governance and accountability in order to fulfill their mandates. Including the improvement of capacities in planning, dialogue, providing services and accountability to citizens
– Local governments implement projects that promote inclusion and contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of their citizens

– Proposals must cover the three objectives
– Priority will be given to proposals that include the articulation between different local authorities, and other stakeholders (Research centers, governmental bodies, CSOs)

Among financed activities
– Studies and research
– organise spaces for dialogue, debate, reflection and formulation of proposals between local authorities and between local authorities and national authorities
– Training and skill improvement actions in the fields of strategic planning, public finances, policy monitoring and accountability
– Support and counselling to local governments