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Sectors: Citizenship, Co-op & Development, Education - Training, Human Rights, Local development, Social Affairs, Youth

Beneficiaries: Development NGOs, International Organisation, Non-profit organisations, Research centres, Universities

Regions: European Economic Area, European Union

Category: Call for proposals


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Additional info regions:

Fiji is also eligible


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WE funding – DCI/EIDHR – Enhance…
Funds for: Enhancing Civil Society Organisations in order to support, governance, democracy and Human Rights in Fiji
Main beneficiaries: CSOs

Responsible: European Commission


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Funds for: Enhancing Civil Society Organisations in order to support, governance, democracy and Human Rights in Fiji
Main beneficiaries: CSOs

Priorities and funded actions:

* Lot 1: Support Civil Society Organisations as actors of governance and development work in the field (CSOs):
– To enable Civil Society Organisations in Fiji to engage as actors of governance and development

* Lot 2: The European Instrument For Democracy And Human Rights, supporting local civil society through Country-Based Support Schemes:
– To support and strengthen civil society organisations, human rights defenders working on human rights and democracy issues in Fiji

* Lot 1:
– To increase participation of CSOs in addressing climate change, both in terms of mitigation of and adaptation to its adverse effects, including through disaster risk reduction or resilience

* Lot 2:
– Support civil society in furthering EU human rights priorities in Fiji:
> Fight against discrimination in all its forms with a focus on women and the most vulnerable groups; i.e. LGBTI, indigenous people’s rights, children, persons with disabilities, marginalised people
– Support civil society in strengthening democracy in Fiji:
> Promotion of fundamental freedoms, actions aiming at fostering the participation of citizens in decision-making, actions tending to increase accountability, oversight and transparency

Among financed actions
* Lot 1:
– To support the building of capacities of CSOs to actively participate in policy making and advocacy related to climate change and its effects, disaster risk reduction and resilience, as well as environmental sustainability;
– To facilitate the transition to a climate-resilient, low-emissions, circular economy through communities’ centred actions to achieve i.e. resource efficiency, sustainable consumption and production, as well as reducing, recycling and reusing waste;
– To promote ecosystem or nature-based approaches to cope with climate change mitigation and adaptation challenges, using ecosystem services to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to conserve and expand carbon sinks, as well as to enhance resilience to the impacts of climate change

* Lot 2:
– Advocacy, lobbying and accountability development of strategies by civil society organisations to push for legal reform and to influence policy-making;
– Monitoring of and reporting on the domestication and implementation of the provisions of the international human rights instruments that Fiji has ratified;
– Enhancing collaboration between CSOs and national public bodies and/or institutions in the field of promotion and protection of human rights and democratization;
– Support of CSOs in actions assisting national policies and programmes toward the development of an independent and well-trained media

Additional information
* This is a restricted call for proposals. In the first instance, only concept notes will be evaluated

* Initial duration of the project: between 24 and 36 months

* Eligibility
– Be a legal person;
– Be non-profit-making;

– Lot 1:
> Be a Civil Society Organisation (CSOs) and/or associations of CSOs;
> Be established in Fiji, or a Member State of the European Union, or in a Member State of the European Economic Area;
> International Organisations are not eligible;
> Local Authorities and/or associations of Local Authorities are eligible as co-applicants only

– Lot 2: 
> Applicant will be primarily Civil Society organisation with no geographical requirement set a priori;
> However, the following entities can be eligible if necessary to achieve the objectives of the Call: public-sector non-profit agencies, institutions and organisations (e. i. National Human Rights Institutions), International inter-governmental, national parliamentary bodies

– Lot 1 and 2: all proposals must clearly identify at least one type of priority activities in order to be eligible for funding;

– The consortium must involve at least one co-applicant legally established in Fiji, if the lead applicant is not legally established in Fiji;

– Actions must take place in Fiji