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Sectors: Local development, Public Management, Social Affairs

Beneficiaries: Development NGOs, Non-profit organisations

Regions: Africa-Carribean-Pacific

Category: Call for Proposals


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Additional info regions:

ACP: Tchad


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WE funding – EDF – Enhance…
Funds for: Enhancing local actors development, especially women and youth, to improve their participation in local governance
Main beneficiaries: NGOs

Responsible: Chad National Authorising Officer of the EDF


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Funds for: Enhancing local actors development, especially women and youth, to improve their participation in local governance
Main beneficiaries: NGOs

Priorities and funded actions:

* Contribute to building the capacity of local actors, especially women and youth, to improve their participation in local governance;
* Train and support CSOs and CBOs (grass-roots community organizations);
* Financing actions by a direct allocation of small grants for the implementation of at least 108 micro-projects to be proposed by trained CSOs and CBOs

* Fund and support the implementation of microprojects;
* Proceed in the context of the formulation phase of their requests, project leaders must pre-identify the CSOs and CBOs they will have to support;
* Pre-identify, in the geographical areas covered by each lot, emerging CSOs and CBOs (with at least 50% women and youth CBOs);
* Support in terms of training (including the formulation of microprojects), structuring and post-training support

Among financed actions 
* Category 1: Information and mobilization of local communities for citizen participation at the local level:
– Advocacy, lobbying, and social monitoring in terms of local governance and the promotion of the rule of law for sustainable, balanced and harmonious human development at the local level;
– The promotion of qualitative leadership of men and women (empowerment and positioning of women leaders) in local and national governance;
– The development of local strategies for citizen control at the local and provincial levels;
– The inclusion of vulnerable groups in participatory processes;
– The organization and implementation of mechanisms for monitoring local programmes and policies

* Category 2: Improving consultation and partnership at the local level between local elected officials and civil society:
– Analysis of local or sectoral policies that integrate the real concerns of grassroots communities;
– The preparation, mobilization of resources, implementation and monitoring of local or sectoral development programmes and projects;
– Promoting transparency in the management of local property and local public mandates;
– The implementation of innovative partnerships for themes related to local authorities, targeting in particular women, young people and other disadvantaged groups;
– Actions for reflection, dialogue, and consultation at the local level;
– Consultation and dialogue between CBOs on a common theme, and between CBOs and partners (local or national authorities, donors…)

* Category 3: Capacity building and community self-promotion in local governance:
– Strengthening the self-promotion capacities of organizations for their involvement in local development;
– Raising awareness of people’s commitment to the political decision-making process and the implementation of public action at both the local and provincial levels;
– Training of local leaders, particularly through the exchange of experiences;
– Strengthening mechanisms for participatory management of local and provincial public affairs;
– Self-help actions of local communities, especially women and youth, and their participation in development actions

Additional information
* This call for proposals is an open call for proposals

* Initial project duration: between 14 and 18 months

* Eligibility
– Be a legal person [or an entity without legal personality] [or a natural person];
– Be non-profit-making;
– Be established in Chad;
– Have at least two years of experience and proven capacity to support CSOs and CBOs;

– The lead applicant may act either individually or with one or more co-applicants;

– The partnership between national and international structure is desired and recommended;

– The actions must be implemented in Chad’s national territory