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Sectors: Co-op & Development, Culture - Media, Economy - Finances, Human Rights, Humanitarian, Information, Justice - Security, Local development, Public Management

Beneficiaries: Agencies Chambers, Development NGOs, International Organisation, Local and Regional authorities, Non-profit organisations

Regions: Africa-Carribean-Pacific, European Union

Category: Call for proposals


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Responsible: European Commission


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The overall objective of this call for proposals is in particular to strengthen citizen control over public financial management, as well as the capacity to analyze the public, economic and statistical finances of civil society organizations, including the media and Research centers.

Priorities and funded actions:

– To enable Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to intervene in the monitoring of development policies and practices in the field of economic governance, including statistical information systems, analysis and management of public finances;
– Strengthen budgetary transparency, citizen control of public action, economic, statistical and public finance analysis, but also the media in order to increase the supply and quality of relevant information made available to the public

– Media (LOT 1);
– Financial transparency, accountability and sound financial public management (LOT 2);
– Research Centers and Think-Tank (LOT 3)

Among the actions financed
– Methodological and conceptual support for the editors;
– Inventory and advocacy to enhance the availability of information on budgets and public procurement at the national and / or local level;
-Production of reports, articles, briefing notes