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Sectors: Employment, Environment

Beneficiaries: Civil Society Organisations, Non-profit organisations

Regions: Worldwide

Category: Call for proposals


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Additional info regions:

* Argentina 
* Member States of the European Union 
* Member States of the European Economic Area (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) 
* IPA II beneficiary countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Republic of Northern Macedonia, Montenegro), Serbia and Turkey) 
* Developing countries or territories (included in the OECD/DAC list of ODA recipients) that is not a member of the G20
* Overseas Countries or Territories (OCT) covered by Council Decision 2013/755/EU of 25 November 2013 on the association of the overseas countries and territories with the European Union


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Responsible: European Commission


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EIDHR – Civil Society Organizations thematic programme Argentina – 2020
Funds for: to contribute to the strengthening of civil society as independent actors of sustainable development

Priorities and funded actions:

* Promote the adoption of socially and environmentally sustainable development policies;
* Promote the inclusion of the most vulnerable social groups, thus enabling their job stability and access to quality public services;
* Support social cohesion, strengthening dialogue and non-discrimination

Among financed actions
* Advocacy campaigns, capacity building, research and knowledge dissemination, networking, support schemes for CSOs, working to promote a sustainable development framework and social cohesion in Argentina;
* Reinforcement of the capacities to provide services for productive activities and access to productive resources (for example, business support, market access, access to credit or micro-credit, opportunities for the formalisation of the informal economy), as well as access to justice, with the aim of allowing the improvement of the living conditions of the most vulnerable groups;
* Strengthening/creating/expanding protected areas; designing mechanisms for the evaluation, protection and management of environmental services; raising awareness, dialogue and training of local productive sectors (agro-industrial, mining, hydrocarbons); promoting technologies and best environmental practices with a focus on vulnerable groups

Additional information 
* This call for proposals is a restricted call for proposals. In the first instance, only concept notes will be evaluated 

* Initial duration of the action: between 30 and 48 months 

* Eligiblity: 
– Be a legal entity;
– Be not for profit;
– Be a civil society organization that operates independently and responsibly;
– Be established in Argentina or in a Member State of the European Union or in a Member State of the European Economic Area or in an IPA II beneficiary country or in a developing country or territory or in an Overseas Country or Territory (OCT);
– Be directly responsible, with their co-applicants and other affiliated entities, for the preparation and management of the action and not merely act as an intermediary

* The action must take plce in the Republic of Argentina