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Sectors: Citizenship, Co-op & Development, Human Rights, Public Management, Youth

Beneficiaries: Development NGOs, Non-profit organisations

Regions: Candidate countries, European Economic Area, European Union

Category: Call for proposals


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Responsible: European Commission


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The global objective of this call for proposals is to promote the respect for human rights in Albania, and to strengthen the role of civil society organisations in the consolidation of democracy and the rule of law.

Priorities and funded actions:

– To support organizations active in the field of human rights, targeting principally, and not exclusively, actions under the following thematic priorities

*LOT 1
– Protecting women’s rights and promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment
– Protecting the rights of the child, including combating trafficking of minors
*LOT 2
– Supporting the rights of persons belonging to minorities, people affected by caste based discrimination, including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual (LGBT) persons and people with disabilities
– Protecting other vulnerable groups, including poor and homeless people, elderly, etc.

Among financed actions
– Human rights awareness campaigns, also through arts, festivals, exhibitions and use of audio-visual materials
– Sports or cultural events promoting human rights values
– Investigative journalism or other forms of monitoring of law implementation and policy enforcement at local level
– Free legal aid, counselling and psychological support to victims of violence and other vulnerable groups
– Use of social media for human rights campaigns