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Sectors: Human Rights, Local development

Beneficiaries: Development NGOs, Non-profit organisations, Schools, Universities

Regions: Worldwide

Category: Call for proposals


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WE funding – EIDHR – Implement…
Funds for: Implementing Human Rights and democracy in Russia
Main beneficiaries: Non-profit organisations

Responsible: European commission


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Funds for: Implementing Human Rights and democracy in Russia
Main beneficiaries: Non-profit organisations

Priorities and funded actions:

* To support and strengthen civil society organisations, democracy activists and human rights defenders working on critical Human Rights and democracy issues in Russia;
* Lot 1: To enhance professional, operational and advocacy capacity of the Russian civil society working on critical human rights and democracy issues specifically at the local level;
* Lot 2: To contribute to the improvement of the human rights situation in Russia in the following areas: freedom of media, freedom of expression and information, including in the internet, freedom of assembly, fight against torture, minorities and indigenous people’s rights, environmental rights, strengthening of democracy civic institutions


* To support Russian civil society organisations and human rights defenders in key areas of fundamental freedoms, Human Rights and democracy;
* Lot 1: To provide financial support to grass root organisations/initiatives/actors that possess strong potential or are already active in human rights advocacy;
* Lot 2: To support, protect and empower Russian human rights defenders, human rights organisations, civic activists and independent media doing their job in the areas mentioned above in an efficient, inclusive and safe mode

Among financed actions
* Lot 1:
– The Organisation of local Calls for Proposals with built-in systems of monitoring and evaluation;
– Capacity-building short-term and long-term activities for grass root organisations/initiatives of the civil society;
– Thematic meetings/discussions on subjects relevant to all the grantees or to their clusters built around their joint thematic interests or encountered problems;
– Seminars and regular consultations on narrative and financial reporting;
– Visibility events around the small projects that got financial support;
– Setting up of/enhancing/linking to networks;
– Mid-term external evaluation(s) in order to analyse the lessons learnt and adjust the applied methodology
* Lot 2: 
– Initiatives aimed at defending human rights and fundamental freedoms in the areas listed above. The initiatives should obligatory include engagement with a wider audience, specifically the young generation, to promote universal human rights values;
– Human rights and democracy investigative stories carried out by activists in cooperation with journalists/media;
– Development of IT tools for reporting of human rights violations; 
– Testing business models as a path for modernisation of the non-profit sector in Russia with a particular focus on traditional rights defender groups

Additional information 
* This is a restricted call for proposals. In first instance only concept notes will be evaluated. 

* Initial duration of the project: 
Lot 1: between 24 and 36 months
Lot 2: between 18 and 36 months

* Eligibility 
– Be a legal person;
– Be a non-governmental organisation or a non-profit-making university

– Actions must take place in the Russian Federation. Nevertheless, punctual activities may, if duly justified in the description of the action, take place in other countries when they are directly related to situations arising in the Russian Federation and for the benefit of the population of the Russian Federation