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Sectors: Citizenship, Co-op & Development, Employment, Human Rights, Justice - Security, Social Affairs, Youth

Beneficiaries: Development NGOs, International Organisation, Non-profit organisations, Research centres, Schools, Training centres, Universities

Regions: European Union, Worldwide

Category: Call for proposals


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Responsible: European Commission


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The global objective of this call for proposals is on the one hand to contribute to the development and consolidation of democracy and rule of law, as well as the respect of all human rights et fundamental freedoms, and on the other hand to improve contribution of the civil society organisations (CSOs) to governance and development processes as partners in promoting socio-economic development and inclusive and sustainable growth.

Priorities and funded actions:

LOT 1 (EIDHR): To provide direct support to CSOs to consolidate and strengthen their advocacy role and energize the multi actors partnership (i) the promotion, human rights defense and good governance (ii) and analysis, and monitoring / assessment of key democratic reforms

LOT 2 (CSOs): To strengthen the role and capacity of CSOs and CSO networks in the process of social development and inclusive and sustainable growth, as agents of governance to (i) improving the access to populations basic social services and (ii) the prevention of radicalization and de-radicalization of young people

Priorities and among financed actions
Priority 1: To contribute to advocacy, monitoring and effective implementation of public policies on human rights and good governance
– Actions in favor of accountability, transparency, democratic accountability, the accountability of government accounts
– Actions to promote freedom of assembly, association and peaceful assembly

Priority 2: To contribute to strengthening judicial and correctional systems to support the implementation of the National Charter for Justice Reform
– Actions to promote greater independence of the judiciary, equal access to justice and the respect of the conditions of a fair trial
– Pilot actions to improve the treatment of children in conflict with the law and their social reintegration

LOT 2 (CSOs):
Priority 1: To contribute to social, sustainable and inclusive growth
– Actions for improving access for the most disadvantaged populations to basic quality social services, ensuring the protection of persons with disabilities, women victims of violence and children suffering exclusion

For LOTS 1 (EIDHR) and 2 (CSOs), among cross-cutting priorities
– The improvement and building capacities of internal governance of local actors in the thematic areas targeted by the call
– Building capacities of actors on advocacy technics / lobbying and negotiation with public authorities (national, regional and local) and parliament
– Taking into account the equality dimension between men and women in accordance with the provisions of Government Plan for Equality (EMP)