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Sectors: Co-op & Development, Local development

Beneficiaries: Civil Society Organisations, Non-profit organisations

Regions: European Economic Area, European Union, Worldwide

Category: Call for Proposals


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Additional info regions:

* Other country: Mozambique
* For lot 1 : worldwide


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EIDHR/DCI – Growth and pluralism – 2020
Funds for: promoting pluralism and sustainable and inclusive growth

Priorities and funded actions:

* To promote pluralism and sustainable and inclusive growth;
* To broaden citizens’ participation in the process of good governance and contribute to the empowerment of girls and young people with a view to sustainable and inclusive growth

* Lot 1: Promotion of pluralism, “Business and Human Rights” (EIDHR)
– Strengthen representative democracy by focusing on the coexistence of various political and social movements as well as on the links between parliaments, elected representatives and citizens

* Lot 2: Sustainable and inclusive growth (CSO):
– Implement greater education and civic input from young people along with new initiatives for job creation, including self-employment;
– Reduce the risks of socio-political exclusion of young people

Among financed actions
* Lot 1
– Support links between the government, elected institutions and citizens by increasing citizens’ participation in governance, promoting a culture of transparency, separation of powers and fundamental freedoms of expression, association and assembly;
– Implementation of the legal and international framework for protection against human rights abuses by third parties;
– Promoting corporate responsibility and victims’ access to judicial and non-judicial resources

* Lot 2 
– Support social audits and dialogue with institutions providing basic services;
– Provide legal support, provide mechanisms for citizens to monitor;
– Promote the participation of young people and communities to take an active role in conflict prevention;
– Develop the skills of young people and income-generating activities;
– In the framework of climate change:
> Raise community awareness of climate change issues;
> Promote the involvement of local actors in climate action;
> Reconstruction and clean energy production;
– Enable the use of comprehensive data and information available through research programmes and institutions to support evidence-based decisions that take into account the state of the climate

Additional information
* This call for proposal is an open call for proposals
* Initial duration of the action: 60 months

* Eligibility:
– Be a legal person; 
– Be non-profit-making;
– Be a civil society organisation;
– Be established in a Member State of the European Union, or in a Member State of the European Economic Area or in Mozambique;
– For lot 1 there are no geographical restrictions.

– Actions must take place in Mozambique