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Sectors: Health, Innovation, Transport

Beneficiaries: Corporations, Local and Regional authorities, SMEs

Regions: Candidate countries, European Union

Category: Call for proposals

Additional info regions:

EU Member states

H2020 associated countries: 
– Iceland
– Norway
– Albania
– Bosnia and Herzegovina
– North Macedonia
– Montenegro
– Serbia
– Turkey
– Israel
– Moldova
– Switzerland
– Faroe Islands
– Ukraine
– Tunisia
– Georgia
– Armenia


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Responsible: European Commission


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EIT – KIC Urban Mobility – COVID-19 Crisis Response Call for Proposals – 2020
Funds for: addressing urban mobility challenges posed by COVID-19 crisis

Priorities and funded actions:

* Proposing an innovative approach while addressing two or more thematic areas: Innovation, Business Creation, Academy, Factory, Regional, Innovation Scheme (RIS), Citizen Engagement;
* Create liveable urban spaces;
* Close the knowledge gap;
* Deploy user-centric, integrated mobility solutions;
* Accelerate market opportunities;
* Promote effective policies and behaviour change

* Social distancing, novel disinfection, healthy living, short term land reuse, road repurpose, mental and physical wellbeing by design;
* Skilling public and private providers, mobility workers, citizens and politician and options for response and long-term recovery skills and knowhow;
* Providing safe and secure transport systems, expanding mobility offerings, targeted mobility services for the vulnerable or essential workers, protecting urban mobility workers and public transport continuity;
* Defending existing market development, reinforcing start-ups and early stage innovation, promoting circular economy, new materials adoption, data privacy and protection verses service personalisation;
* Building both economic and social resilience, modal correction, supporting rapid policy response, tracking and tracing, pricing/zoning control, business model adaptation, community empowerment and support actions

Additinal Information
* This call for proposals is an open call for proposals 

* Initial duration of the action: between 4 and 6 months

* Eligibility:
– The project must consist of partners registered in an EU country or an H2020 associated country;
– The project must be led by EIT Urban Mobility Core Partner, existing Project Partner or an experienced Linked Third Party, with full partner company approval;
– The project must have partners from a minimum of two countries, while representation from across two EIT Urban Mobility Innovation Hubs is preferred.