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Sectors: Agriculture - Fisheries, Environment, Local development, New technologies, SME Policy

Beneficiaries: International Organisation, Research centres, SMEs

Regions: European Union

Category: Call for Proposals


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Additional info regions:

* “EU Member States” include Overseas countries and territories (OCTs) in this call

* Non-EU countries can be eligible regarding projects with activities extending to neighbouring waters outside the territory according to EU geographical strategy


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WE Funding – EMFF – Accelerate…
Funds for: Accelerating the development and implementation of the EU Maritime Policy
Main beneficiaries: Researchers, SMEs

Responsible: European Commission


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Funds for: Accelerate the development and implementation of th EU Maritime Policy and the sustainable development of the blue economy in Europe
Main beneficiaries: Researchers, SMEs

Priorities and funded actions:

* Topic 1: Blue Labs: innovative solutions for maritime challenges
– Support young scientists supported by experienced researchers, industry and local stakeholders;
– Develop solid partnerships between maritime stakeholders and fostering multidisciplinary approaches;
– Enhance cooperation and coordination amongst maritime stakeholders at local, regional or even sea basin levels
* Topic 2: Blue Careers
– Provide responses to lack of entrepreneurial skills;
– Provide responses to a lack of structured, defined and continued collaboration between industry and education/training in order to ensure that curricula and training programmes are actually meeting industry needs;
– Provide responses to lack of “skills ecosystems” at the sea-basin level between education, industry and public authorities, to support trans-regional innovation strategies
* Topic 3: Grants for the Blue Economy: investing in innovation
– Help innovative technologies and/or maritime services improve their market readiness and advance towards market entry;
– Facilitate scaling up business models and service concepts
– De-risk the deployment of these demonstration projects and provide the necessary credibility for these projects to enable them to access other financings for the development of their activities

* Topic 1:
– Blue bio-remediation;
– Unexploded ordnances at sea;
– Innovative marina and leisure boat design;
– Marine biomass and blue-bioeconomy;
– Eco-friendly aquaculture
* Topic 2: 
– Introduce innovative teaching and training methodologies to boost entrepreneurial skills and equip graduates with suitable soft skills to develop their own ideas, products and start-ups;
– Promote structured and permanent collaboration frameworks between industry and education;
– Creating education-industry-public authorities networks at the sea-basin level
* Topic 3: 
– Tackle innovation that goes beyond research and aims at helping innovative maritime technologies and/or maritime services to advance towards the commercial phase;
– Contribute to at least one of the EU priority areas of the Circular Economy, the (Blue) Bioeconomy, as well as the Energy union and climate;
– Demonstrate a clear link/application of enabling technologies

Among financed actions
* Topic 1:
– Designing, developing and testing the innovative services/products/tools;
– Fieldwork necessary for the development of the solutions;
– Measures to ensure the sustainability and continuation of the project activities/results after the end of the EU support;
– Training, awareness raising and dissemination activities on the marine/maritime topic or theme the project focuses on;
– Measures to facilitate the transferability of the project activities and results to other sea basins or regions of the EU facing similar challenges
* Topic 2:
– Courses/programmes to develop entrepreneurial skills;
– Collaboration frameworks between industry and education;
– Industry-education networks
* Topic 3: 
– Produce new materials, products or devices, and/or install new processes, systems and services;
– Consult, obtain feedback and validate with relevant stakeholders the technologies/services/products being tested/deployed/scaled-up and/or prepare internal and external organisations for full manufacturing and commercialisation