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Sectors: Agriculture - Fisheries, Education - Training, Employment, Research

Beneficiaries: Administrations States, Agencies Chambers, Local and Regional authorities, Non-profit organisations, Research centres, Training centres, Universities

Regions: European Union

Category: Call for proposals


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Additional info regions:

European Union: Cyprus, Malta, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, France or Spain


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Responsible: European Commission


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This call for proposals aims to promote a better balance between the EU fishing fleet and  the available fisheries resources and contribute to the reduction of the EU fishing fleet while at the same time preserving jobs in coastal communities.

Priorities and funded actions:

– Test in Mediterranean coastal regions, the feasibility of professionally reorienting fishermen using fishing vessels reassigned to activities other than fishing;
– Identify and develop technical solutions for sea cleaning, such as for example to solve the problem of collecting small plastic debris and small fragments
 – Identify the economic conditions and operational costs of vessels operating as a platform for a number of environmental and maritime activities outside fishing and identify ways for future funding
– Identify the relevant training needs of fishermen, and where appropriate, vessel owners, and identify ways to cover these needs and fund them
– Support reduction of fishing capacity in line with CFP Reform objectives by providing incentives to both fisherman and vessel owners to leave the sector and opt for professional reorientation

Among financed actions
– Sea and ecosystem observation
– Collection of lost fishing gear
– Leisure and tourist services
– Marine data collection
– Conferences, seminars and awareness and dissemination actions in relation to the above