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Sectors: Co-op & Development, Culture - Media, Information, Local development, Public Management, Social Affairs

Beneficiaries: Development NGOs, Federations Unions, International Organisation, Non-profit organisations

Regions: Balkans, Candidate countries, European Economic Area, European Union, Mediterranean countries

Category: Call for proposals


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Responsible: European Commission


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This call for proposals aims to support a more active and pluralistic civil society which contributes to the social and economic development of partner countries.

Priorities and funded actions:

– To strengthen the capacities of civil society to engage in more structured, visible and inclusive dialogue(s)
– To improve their participation in policy-making processes and policy dialogue at national and local level

– Build and improve networking initiatives, coalitions, partnerships and areas of dialogue among CSOs
– Support initiatives aiming at increasing interaction, and trust building and at encouraging policy dialogue among CSOS, between CSOs and authorities at national and local levels, between CSOs and elected bodies, between CSOs and the media, between CSOs and citizens
– Support local development initiatives implemented by CSOs aiming at improving local governance privileging bottom-up and inclusive approaches

Among financed actions 
– Actions that strengthen civil society’s role and capacities
– Actions that structure and strengthen civil society participation in policy dialogue and governance
– Actions that foster dialogue and partnerships between stakeholders (national, governorate, district and/or village level) with a view to promoting social and economic development
– Actions that strengthen civil society capacity to engage in a more structured, visible and inclusive dialogue with key stakeholders
– Actions that increase knowledge on civil society’s role and actions among citizens and media