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Sectors: Co-op & Development, Education - Training, Local development, Social Affairs

Beneficiaries: Federations Unions, Non-profit organisations

Regions: European Union, Mediterranean countries, New Independant States

Category: Call for proposals


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Additional info regions:

New Independant States and Mediterranian States: any state covered under the European Neighbourhood Instrument


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Responsible: European Comission


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The global objective of this call for proposals is to select a number of projects implemented by civil society organizations that will achieve tangible socio-economic improvements in rural and marginalised communities through area-based development initiatives

Priorities and funded actions:

– To support 3 to 8 projects managed by Civil Society
Organizations (CSOs) active in the socio-economic field
– To support CSOs in sub-granting funds to grassroots organisations for the implementation of micro-projects 

– To achieve tangible socio-economic improvements in communities most in need
– To identify the micro-projects at local level in a participatory way
– To build the capacities of the grassroots organisations

Among financed actions
– Small-scale public works
– Small-scale urban improvements
– Rehabilitation of productive infrastructure
– Support to cooperatives
– Support to microbusinesses, business development services
– Support to women’s organisations
– Capacity-building to organisations
– Community-based water use systems
– Small-scale agro-processing
– Income-generating projects
– Rural cottage industry projects
– Community health initiatives
– Youth leadership
– Vocational training
– Community-based cultural initiatives