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Category: Call for proposals


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Mediterranean countries : Tunisia


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Responsible: European Commission


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– To promote the legal and institutional reform to ensure the independence, impartiality and effectiveness of the judicial and penal system
– To develop the defense and promotion of the rights of fair trial, access to justice and conditions of detention in accordance with international standards and practices

– To promote international standards
– To strengthening the dialogue between civil society
– To improve access to the defense of vulnerable people
– To promote alternative conflict resolution
– To observe the trial and to monitor the implementation of court decisions
– Promoting alternatives to detention
– Promoting the rights of detainees
– To raise awareness, research, collect and disseminate information

Among financed actions
– Training
– Dissemination and awareness
– Strengthening networks
– Activities of dialogue, consultation and cooperation
– Leading permanent legal
– Legal and Judicial Monitoring
– Activities of rehabilitation in prisons
– Data Collection Activities
– Conferences, etc.
– Publications / diffusion

Priorities and funded actions:

This call for proposals aims to to support and promote the reform of the justice and prison systems that form the basis of a rule of law.