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Sectors: Co-op & Development, Economy - Finances, Public Management

Beneficiaries: Administrations States, Agencies Chambers, Local and Regional authorities

Regions: European Union, Mediterranean countries

Category: Call for proposals


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Additional info regions:

Mediterranean countries: Egypt

Responsible: European Commission


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This call for proposals aims to increase the efficiency and sustainability of the agricultural sector in Egypt by improving agricultural productivity, food safety and quality of agricultural production through enhanced agricultural research overall performance.

Priorities and funded actions:

This call for proposals is divided into 4 components
Component 1: Legal and Regulatory Reform
Component 2: Institutional and Administrative Reform
Component 3: Management and Coordination and setup of a Management Information System (MIS)
Component 4: Institutional and Capacity Building/Promotion of knowledge for sustainable development

–  Components 1 and 2: To modernise the legislative and institutional framework of the ARC in line with best practices of EU research institutions
– Component 3 : To establish a Management Information System (MIS) that includes a research project database
– Component 4: To improve capacity building and the promotion of knowledge to support sustainable development

Component 1:
– Presidential/Prime Ministerial Decree calling for the organisational restructuring of the ARC drafted and approved by the ARC
– Statutes of ARC institutions developed and approved by the ARC
– Secondary legislation (regulations, internal rules, mechanisms and procedures) of ARC institutions revised/ updated/drafted and approved by ARC

Component 2:
– A new organisational structure and restructuring Plan developed for the ARC, its Branches and its Institutes in order to modernise the ARC and enable it to effectively respond to research commitments and information-sharing mandate
– The ARC’s strategy and its Institutes’ Mid-Term/Annual plans revised in line with best practice of European organisations and centres
– Training Needs Assessment (TNA) elaborated
– Human Resources Management System improved and the administrative capacity of the HR departments of the ARC and its institutions improved
– Current training programmes and modules reorganised Component 3:
– Co-ordination is ensured between the various stakeholders involved in the research at internal and external, national and international level (including EU and other Donors)
– Conversion of research findings into innovation and technology improved
– Cooperation between agro-food chain stakeholders and researchers improved
– Quality, standards, certification and control process facilitated and organic production promoted
– Awareness and communication among the agricultural researchers and between agricultural research stakeholders (internal and external) increased

Component 4: 
– Operational Capacity (Management, HR and technical/scientific skills) of ARC staff enhanced
– ARC staff awareness of the related EU acquis increased and a plan for harmonising the local legislation with the EU acquis elaborated

Among financed activities 
Component 1:
– Reviewing, assessing, proposing of the primary legal framework
– Drafting and approving of a regulations, of internal auditing guidelines, an Internal Monitoring

Component 2:
– Preparing and carrying out of a functional review, a plan for the restructuring
– Drafting and approving of an ARC Human Resources Management, of human resource management procedures
– Implementation of on-the-job training

Component 3: 
– Preparation and implementation of workshops
– Establishment/improvement of co-operation and agreements/protocols

Component 4: 
– Preparation and implementation of a training programme for staff at the ARC 
– Organisation of a study trip
– Preparation and implementation of a training programme, of a seminar