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Sectors: Education - Training, Information, New technologies, Research

Beneficiaries: Administrations States, Local and Regional authorities, Research centres, Schools, Universities

Regions: European Union

Category: Call for proposals


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Additional info regions:

Erasmus+ Programme countries: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Norway, Serbia, Turkey


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WE Funding – Erasmus+ – Support…
Funds for: Supporting and enhancing U-Multirank for better visibility, usage and geographical expansion
Main beneficiaries: Education institutions, Training centres

Responsible: European commission


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Funds for: Supporting and enhancing U-Multirank for better visibility, usage and geographical expansion
Main beneficiaries: Education institutions, Training centres

Priorities and funded actions:

* Support U-Multirank to meet students’ and a wider higher education community’s expectations, including institutions, national bodies, policymakers, business and civil society;
* Promote the visibility, usage and outreach of U-Multirank;
* Broaden participation levels on a sustainable and geographically balanced basis

* Increase outreach of U-Multirank to students through pay-free services and the media;
* Identify and implement necessary improvements in the functioning and coverage of the tool and its mobile application;
* Increase the benefit of the tool and establish appropriate incentives encouraging the engagement and sharing of data with U-Multirank; 
* Explore synergies with national/international data sources for the streamlining and simplification of data collection and quality control of the U-Multirank database;
* Improve existing indicators, where necessary, and develop new indicators to assess the performance of higher education institutions in their different missions;
* Engage with national bodies and policymakers to ensure full exploitation of results for institutional and system-level policymaking;
* Ensure a governance structure, in cooperation with the European Commission, comprising relevant stakeholders and relevant expertise, in particular, expertise in outreach to students    

Among financed actions
* Cooperation projects;
* Conferences, seminars;
* Training activities and workshops;
* Awareness and dissemination actions, including media and social media campaigns;
* Actions aiming at the creation and improvement of networks, exchanges of good practices;
* Consultancy services to public authorities and institutions
* Studies, analyses, mapping projects;
* Research activities;
* Development of ICT tools or learning resources;
* Development of other intellectual outputs 

Additional Information
* This call for proposal is an open call for proposals

* Initial duration of the project: 36 months

* Eligibility 
– Be a legal person;
– Be a public or private organisation;
– Be: an organisation operating in the field of education and training, or organisations carrying out related cross-sectorial activities;