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Sectors: Education - Training, Youth

Beneficiaries: Research centres, Schools, Universities

Regions: Candidate countries, European Economic Area, European Union

Category: Call for proposals


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Responsible: European Commission

Thematic: Education, youth, sport


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ERASMUS PLUS – Jean Monnet actions in other fields of education and training – 2021

Funds for: Promoting a better understanding, both in general education and vocational training (ISCED 1 –4), of the European Union and the functioning of its Institutions.

Priorities and funded actions:


  • Allow schools and VET providers to build knowledge about the EU among their teaching staff;
  • Offer structured training proposals on EU subjects for schools and VET providers, provide content and methodologies for teachers teaching at various levels, from different backgrounds and experience;
  • Deliver specific individual or group training courses (modular, residential, blended or online) for teachers interested in the EU and willing to integrate EU subjects in their daily work;
  • Foster the confidence of teachers in integrating an EU angle in their daily work;
  • Exchanging information on content and promoting results of methodologies applied;
  • Enhancing cooperation between different schools/VET providers giving them international experience and a European standing;
  • Exchanging knowledge and mobility for co-teaching;
  • Fostering cooperation and creating a solid and sustainable knowledge platform among schools and VET providers


  • Priority 1 : Better equipped teachers through the acquisition of methodologies to teach European Union matters;
  • Priority2: Increased capacity to teach EU subjects;
  • Priority 3: Increased knowledge on EU subjects;
  • Priority 4: Extended offer of specific training by organisations providing initial and/or in-service teacher training;
  • Priority 5: Bringing positive and long-lasting effects to general education and VET education;
  • Priority 6: Bringing facts and knowledge about the European Union to pupils and students in order to provide the participants knowledge about successful practices;
  • Priority 7: Increasing capacity to integrate EU subjects in their activities;
  • Priority 8: Enhancing international exposure

Among financed actions:

  • Training about teaching methodologies in order to address European Union matters;
  • Collaborative learning among classes, co-teaching;
  • Seminars, summer and intensive courses;
  • ad hoc guidance;
  • Physical, on line and/or blended training ;
  • Collect and share good practices on learning about European Union subjects;
  • Co-teaching and collaborative teaching experiences both via mobility or online;
  • Production of documents and guidance for disseminating good practices;
  • Physical and online meetings;

Additional information

* Initial duration of the action: 3 years


  • Lot 1:

– Erasmus+ Program country;

– Minimum two different countries from two Program countries;

– Higher education institution;

– Teacher Training Institute / Agency;

– Associated partners;

  • Lot 2:

– Erasmus+ Program country;

– School or VET Institute;

– Established in an Erasmus+ Programme country;

– Minimum 5 schools and/or VET providers established in at least 3 different Erasmus+ Programme countries.


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