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Sectors: Citizenship, Education - Training, Research, Youth

Beneficiaries: Administrations States, Agencies Chambers, Civil Society Organisations, Corporations, Federations Unions, Local and Regional authorities, Non-profit organisations, SMEs

Regions: Asia, Balkans, European Union, Mediterranean countries

Category: Call for proposals

Additional info regions:

For more information : see section « Eligible countries », regions 1 to 4, in part A of Erasmus+ Guide

Responsible: Erasmus Plus National Agency


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ERASMUS PLUS – Key Action 1: Mobility projects for youth workers – 2021

Funds for: carrying out projects comprising of one or more learning activities for the professional development of youth workers and their organisation

Priorities and funded actions:


  •  To provide non-formal and informal learning opportunities for educational and professional development of youth workers, contributing to high quality individual practice as well as to the evolution of youth work organisations and systems;
  • To build a community of youth workers that can support the quality of projects and activities for young people in EU programmes and beyond;
  • To develop local youth work practices and contribute to capacity building for quality youth work of the participants and their organisation, having a clear impact on the participating youth workers’ regular work with young people


Among financed actions

  •  Professional Development Activities;
  • System development and outreach activities;
  • Preparatory visits


Additional information

  • This call for proposals is an open call for proposals
  • Initial duration of the action: between 3 months and 24 months



  • The lead applicant must be an organisation established in a Programme Country and the co-applicants must be established in a Programme Country or a Partner Country neighbouring the EU (regions 1 to 4);
  • Be : a non-profit organization; an European Youth NGO; a public body at local, regional or national level; a social enterprise; a profit-making body active in Corporate Social Responsibility; an informal group of young people;
  • Be a consortium composed of at least 2 participating organisations (at least one sending and at least one receiving), established in different countries