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Sectors: Any fields, Co-op & Development, Economy - Finances, Employment, Industry, Research, SME Policy, Social Affairs

Beneficiaries: Administrations States, Civil Society Organisations, Corporations, International Organisation, Local and Regional authorities, Non-profit organisations, Schools, SMEs

Regions: Candidate countries, European Union

Category: Call for proposals


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Additional info regions:

EU Member States
Candidate Countries: Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey


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Responsible: European Commission


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ESF – Industrial relations and social dialogue – 2020
Funds for: covering grants for measures promoting social dialogue at cross-industry and sectoral level in accordance with Article 154 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU), and for developing European social dialogue in its different dimensions of information exchange, consultation, negotiation and joint action

Priorities and funded actions:

* To finance consultations, meetings, negotiations and other actions as outlined in the European Commission’s Communication on The European social dialogue, a force for innovation and change, the Communication on Partnership for change in an enlarged Europe – Enhancing the contribution of European social dialogue and the Commission Staff Working Document on the Functioning and potential of European sectoral social dialogue

* The employment, social and economic challenges as identified in the European Pillar of Social Rights and other key Commission documents, such as the Communications “The European Green Deal” and “A stronger Social Europe for just transitions”; 
* The adaptation of social dialogue, in particular collective bargaining, to changes in employment and work related challenges;
* Building and strengthening the capacity of social partner organisations

Among financed actions
* Measures to prepare European social dialogue, such as preparatory surveys, meetings and conferences;
* Measures regarded as part of social dialogue within the meaning of Articles 154 and 155 TFEU, such as negotiations, preparatory meetings for negotiations or activities relating to the implementation of negotiated agreements and other negotiated outcomes;
* Measures to disseminate, promote, monitor and evaluate European social dialogue activities and outcomes, through European or national events, peer learning or reviews, studies and (paper or electronic) publications (including the translation);
* Measures to improve the coordination, functioning and effectiveness of European social dialogue, including through the identification and development of joint approaches by the social dialogue committees, such as the exchange of good practice and related joint training events;
* Measures by social partners which contribute to the employment and social and economic dimensions of the Europe 2020 Strategy, including the monitoring and analysis of its impact on labour markets;
* Measures to support the European social partners and social dialogue committees in their contribution to impact assessment of the employment and social dimensions of EU initiatives

Additional information
* This call for proposal is a restricted call for proposal. In first instance, only concept notes will be evaluated

* Initial duration of the action: between 12 and 14 months

– Be a legal entity;
– Be a public or private entity;
– Be estanlished in a EU Member States or in a Candidate Countries (: Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey);
– The lead applicant of a consortium should be a social partner of the EU