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Sectors: Energy, Industry, Innovation, New technologies, Research, Telecommunications

Beneficiaries: Corporations, Research centres, SMEs, Universities

Regions: Worldwide

Category: Call for proposals


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Additional info regions:

Worldwide: Participation is not restricted to entities established in Eureka countries. However, applicants must check whether national funding is available for participants to Celtic Plus projects


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Responsible: Celtic Core Group


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This call for proposals aims at developing solutions for end-to-end communications. This call for proposals aims at developing more bandwidth, more reliable telecommunication and digital networks and more efficient and secure transport protocols and delivery mechanisms for communications data.

Priorities and funded actions:

Projects financed under Celtic Plus must address at least one of the following areas

* Get connected
“Get connected” addresses everything needed to establish, run and secure the communication, basically, the infrastructure and connectivity aspects. Key topics of Celtic-Plus projects will be related to network elements and infrastructures. This includes wireless, optics and energy efficiency, as well as network architecture and connectivity, like networking and autonomic networks

* While connected
“While connected” tackles all aspects while a communication is running, including, all requirements for new end-to-end services and applications. Celtic-Plus projects will deal with future end-to-end services, like digital home, digital enterprise, digital city, digital school, digital transport, and e-health, as well as horizontal services, like security, public safety and identity. The latter is particularly relevant for protecting the privacy rights of European users.

* Celtic-Plus and the Future Internet
Celtic-Plus projects will also focus on the architecture and challenges of the Future Internet. One major challenge is to further develop the network infrastructure, which makes mobile Internet with high Quality of Service happen in conjunction with a much higher flexibility, capacity and mobility, so that future applications do not suffer from the current limitations of the Internet. One important aim is the establishment of a “Celtic-Plus Use-case Factory”. The “factory” shall be complementary to the Future Internet PPP Calls under the EU’s Framework Programme (FP7). As there will be more excellent Future Internet use case projects to be expected than can be funded under FP7 Celtic-Plus offers another opportunity to realise some additional of these. Another focus may also be on capacity building, test cases/ platforms or alternative foundation platform.

* Celtic-Plus and Green Internet 
Celtic-Plus intends to be a driving force in Europe and beyond for future “greener” telecommunications. Projects falling under this research area shall incorporate environmental issues, encourage better energy efficieny and develop multidisciplinary solutions. In this repsect, Celtic Plus projects shall foster the use of Telecoms and ICT as tools to manage and control the best use of energy in other businesses like health, transports, energy, e-govenrment, urbanization or cleantechs.

– Research carried out under Celtic Plus projects must be market-orientated and integrate a multi-disciplinary approach.
– Research should provide European indistry with solutions for broadband infrastructure, broadband services, optical networks, security and mobile services

Among financed actions
– Research activities