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Sectors: Agriculture - Fisheries, Economy - Finances, Environment, Health, New technologies, Research, SME Policy

Beneficiaries: Corporations, Research centres, SMEs, Universities

Regions: European Union

Category: Call for proposals

Additional info regions:

Participating countries: Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, United Kingdom


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WE Funding – JPI FACCE – Support…
Funds for: Supporting the development of sustainable agriculture and food security in the context of climate change
Main beneficiaries: Research centres, Universities

Responsible: European Commission


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Funds for: Supporting the development of sustainable agriculture and food security in the context of climate change
Main beneficiaries: Research centres, Universities

Priorities and funded actions:

* Support sustainable agricultural production and economic growth;
* Contribute to a European bio-based economy, while maintaining and restoring ecosystem services under current and future climate change;
* Further improving collaboration in the area of food and non-food biomass production and transformation systems;
* Support innovation, value creation and sustainable intensification of biomass production, taking into account the required economic, environmental and social conditions and resilience to climate change

* Developing markets for a wide range of products and services generated through integrated food and non-food systems e.g. via new bio-technologies and industrial processes, needs and opportunities of SMEs and intermediate sized businesses;
* Allowing growth and intensification of agriculture through resilient agricultural systems under the increasing stress of climate change, new pests and disease outbreaks and other environmental pressures and preserving biodiversity and ecosystem services;
* Developing environmental sustainability indicators to assess other trade-offs between environmental and production deliverables for any particular agricultural system;
* Spatial targeting of land use to increase biomass production and transformation, stimulating the growth of systems for the efficient utilisation of biomass cascading through novel transformations;
* Developing integrated, systems-based approaches to land management in order to allow a sustainable intensification of integrated food and non-food systems of agriculture

Among financed actions
* Basic and/or applied research projects in the fields of sustainable agriculture, food security and climate change;
* Plans for the valorisation of results and links with FACCE SURPLUS projects from the first and from the second call. Interconnections with other relevant initiatives in the thematic field are desirable;
* Exploitation of the potential to produce relevant support for policy-makers, e.g. policy briefs;
* Cross-disciplinary projects encompassing biomass production and conversion thus promoting a comprehensive value chain concept will be given priority;
* Integration of social sciences and humanities is encouraged to elaborate a broader economic, environmental and societal context

Additional information
* This call for proposals is a restricted call for proposals. In first instance, only concept notes will be evaluated

* Initial duration of the action: between 6 and 36 months

* Eligibility
– Be a legal person;
– Be a public or private entity;
– Be: a research centre, a university, a research institution, an SME, a large company;
– A consortium composed of eligible partners from at least two countries participating in the call must be established, unless specified otherwise in the national regulations;
– Partners who are not eligible for funding, including partners from countries not participating in this call, may participate at their own expense or if they have their own separate source of funding, provided they follow the rules given in the call announcement