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Sectors: Research

Regions: European Union, Worldwide

Category: Call for proposals


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Responsible: European Commission


Grants to support research and innovation activities in the field of transport means and infrastructure.

Priorities and funded actions:

Open :
– MG-8-8-2017: Support for the organisation of the Transport Research Arena 2020 Conference

Closed : 
– MG-1-2-2017: Reducing aviation noise
– MG-1-4-2016-2017: Breakthrough innovation
– MG-1-5-2016-2017: Identification of gaps, barriers and needs in the aviation research
– MG-1.3-2017: Maintaining industrial leadership in aeronautics
– MG-2.1-2017: Innovations for energy efficiency and emission control in waterborne transport
– MG-2.4-2017: Complex and value-added specialised vessels
– MG-3.2-2017: Protection of all road users in crashes
– MG-4.1-2017: Increasing the take up and scale-up of innovative solutions to achieve sustainable mobility in urban areas
– MG-4.2-2017: Supporting ‘smart electric mobility’ in cities
– MG-4.3-2017: Innovative approaches for integrating urban nodes in the TEN-T core network corridors
– MG-5-2-2017: Innovative ICT solutions for future logistics operations
– MG-5-4-2017: Potential of the Physical Internet
– MG-5-4-2017: Potential of the Physical Internet
– MG-7-1-2017: Resilience to extreme (natural and man-made) events
– MG-7-2-2017: Optimisation of transport infrastructure including terminals
– MG-7-3-2017: The Port of the future (Single stage)
– MG-7-3-2017: The Port of the future (Two stage)
– MG-8-2-2017: Big data in Transport: Research opportunities, challenges and limitations
– MG-8-4-2017: Improving accessibility, inclusive mobility and equity: new tools and business models for public transport in prioritised areas
– MG-8-5-2017: Shifting paradigms: Exploring the dynamics of individual preferences, behaviours and lifestyles influencing travel and mobility choices
– MG-8-7-2017: Future research needs and priorities in the area of transport

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