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Sectors: Industry, Innovation, Research, SME Policy

Beneficiaries: Corporations, Research centres, Schools, SMEs, Universities

Regions: European Union

Category: Call for proposals


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Responsible: European Commission


The objective of the BBU JU is to implement a programme of research and innovation activities in Europe that will assess the availability of renewable biological resources that can be used for the production of bio-based materials, and on that basis support the establishment of sustainable bio-based value chains.

Priorities and funded actions:

– BBI.2017.S2: Identify opportunities for ICT to increase the efficiency of biomass supply chains for the bio-based industry
– BBI.2017.S1: Establish cooperation and partnership with brand owners and consumer representatives to improve the market access of sustainable bio-based products
– BBI.2017.R7: Novel secondary bio-based chemicals without significant fossil-based counterparts but with high application potentia
– BBI.2017.R6: Competitive biodegradable, compostable and/or recyclable bio-based plastics for a sustainable end-of-life phase
– BBI.2017.R5: Novel bio-based chemical precursors to improve the performance of mass consumption products
– BBI.2017.R4: Proteins and other bioactive ingredients from side streams and residues
– BBI.2017.R3: Exploiting extremophiles and extremozymes to broaden the processing conditions to convert biomass into high-value building blocks
– BBI.2017.R2: Innovative technologies for the pre-treatment and separation of lignocellulosic feedstock and complex composition streams into valuable fractions while maintaining key characteristics
– BBI.2017.R1: Valorisation of gaseous side streams from bio-based operations into chemical building blocks
– BBI.2017.F2: Large-scale production of proteins for food and feed applications from alternative, sustainable sources 
– BBI.2017.F1: Integrated ‘zero waste’ biorefinery utilising all fractions of the feedstock for production of chemicals and materials
– BBI.2017.D5: Advanced bio-based fibres and materials for large-volume applications
– BBI.2017.D4: Innovative bio-based fertilising products to increase the sustainability of fertilising practices in agriculture
– BBI.2017.D3: Breakthrough primary bio-based chemicals without significant fossil-based counterparts but with high marketability
– BBI.2017.D2: Integrated multi-valorisation of algae into advanced materials and high added-value additives
– BBI.2017.D1: Valorisation of liquid and solid side streams from bio-based operations into high added-value products to create new feedstock for bio-based products

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