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Sectors: Environment, Innovation, Research

Regions: European Union

Category: Call for proposals


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Responsible: European commission


The center of gravity of Calls 2016 and 2017 remains the electricity system but with a number of openings for transnational collaboration and connections between energy networks. While call 2016 puts emphasis on the electricity distribution system, the call in 2017 is opened for demonstration projects in the field of transmission. Call 2017 includes links between distribution and transmission networks and links between the electricity network and other energy networks.

Priorities and funded actions:

– LCE-01-2016-2017: Next generation innovative technologies enabling smart grids, storage and energy system integration with increasing share of renewables: distribution network
– LCE-04-2017: Demonstration of system integration with smart transmission grid and storage technologies with increasing share of renewables
– LCE-05-2017: Tools and technologies for coordination and integration of the European energy system
– LCE-08-2016-2017: Development of next generation biofuel technologies
– LCE-10-2017: Reducing the cost of PV electricity
– LCE-11-2017: Near-to-market solutions for reducing the water consumption of CSP Plants
– LCE-12-2017: Near-to-market solutions for the use of solar heat in industrial processes
– LCE-14-2017: Demonstration of large >10MW wind turbine
– LCE-16-2017: 2nd Generation of design tools for ocean energy devices and arrays development and deployment
– LCE-17-2017: Easier to install and more efficient geothermal systems for retrofitting buildings
– LCE-18-2017: EGS in different geological conditions
– LCE-19-2016-2017: Demonstration of the most promising advanced biofuel pathways
– LCE-20-2016-2017: Enabling pre-commercial production of advanced aviation biofuel
– LCE-21-2017: Market uptake of renewable energy technologies
– LCE-27-2017: Measuring, monitoring and controlling the potential risks of subsurface operations related to CCS and unconventional hydrocarbons
– LCE-28-2017: Highly flexible and efficient fossil fuel power plants
– LCE-29-2017: CCS in industry, including Bio-CCS
– LCE-30-2017: Geological storage pilots
– LCE-35-2017: Joint Actions to foster innovative energy solutions in renewable energy technologies
– LCE-36-2016-2017: Support to the energy stakeholders to contribute to the SET-Plan
– LCE-37-2017: ERA-NET Co-Fund Enhanced cooperation in Smart Local and Regional Energy Networks of the European Energy System

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