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Sectors: Citizenship, Environment, Innovation, Local development, Research

Regions: European Union, Worldwide

Category: Call for proposals


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Responsible: European Commission


The global environment in which the EU operates is constantly evolving. Recent developments show just how dynamically the strategic and geopolitical contexts are changing. 

Priorities and funded actions:

– ENG-GLOBALLY-01-2017: Strengthening Europe’s position in the global context: science diplomacy and intercultural relations
– ENG-GLOBALLY-02-2017: Shifting global geopolitics and Europe’s preparedness for managing risks, mitigation actions and fostering peace
– ENG-GLOBALLY-03-2017: The European Union and the global challenge of migration
– ENG-GLOBALLY-04-2017: Science diplomacy for EU neighbourhood policies
– ENG-GLOBALLY-05-2017: The strategic potential of EU external trade policy
– ENG-GLOBALLY-06-2017: The Asia-Pacific as a strategic region for Europe
– ENG-GLOBALLY-07-2017: The European Union and Central Asia
– ENG-GLOBALLY-08-2016-2017: EU-China cooperation on sustainable urbanisation
– ENG-GLOBALLY-10-2017: Migration and asylum systems

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