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Sectors: Energy, Industry, Innovation, Research, Transport

Beneficiaries: Corporations, International Organisation, Local and Regional authorities, Research centres, SMEs, Universities

Regions: Candidate countries, European Economic Area, European Union

Category: Call for proposals


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WE funding – Horizon 2020 – FCH2…
Funds for: Reducing costs of fuel cells to use them in transport
Main beneficiaries: Research organisations
Other topics: Increase the energy efficiency of production of hydrogen mainly from water electrolysis and renewable sources; Demonstrate on a large scale the feasibility of using hydrogen to support integration of renewable energy sources into the energy systems, …
Other beneficiaries: Private companies, universities, …

Responsible: European Commission


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Funds for: Reducing costs of fuel cells to use them in transport
Main beneficiaries: Research organisations

Priorities and funded actions:

– FCH-01-1-2018: Large Scale Demonstration of H2 fueled HD Trucks with High Capacity Hydrogen Refueling Stations (HRS)
– FCH-01-2-2018: Demonstration of Fuel Cell applications for mid-size passenger ships or inland freight
– FCH-01-3-2018: Strengthening of the European supply chain for compressed storage systems for transport applications
– FCH-01-4-2018: Fuel cell systems for the propulsion of aerial passenger vehicle
– FCH-01-5-2018: Next generation automotive MEA development
– FCH-01-6-2018: Game changer fuel cell stack for automotive applications
– FCH-01-7-2018: Improvement of innovative compression concepts for large scale transport applications
– FCH-02-1-2018: Demonstration of a large-scale (min. 20MW) electrolyser for converting renewable energy to hydrogen
– FCH-02-2-2018: Demonstration of large-scale steam electrolyser system in industrial market
– FCH-02-3-2018: Robust, efficient long term remote power supply
– FCH-02-4-2018: Thermochemical Hydrogen Production from Concentrated Sunlight
– FCH-02-5-2018: Hydrogen carriers for stationary storage of excess renewable energy
– FCH-02-6-2018: Cost-effective novel architectures of interconnects
– FCH-02-7-2018: Efficient and cost-optimised biogas-based co-generation by high-temperature fuel cells
– FCH-02-8-2018: Waste-stream based power balancing plants with high efficiency, high flexibility and power-to-X capability
– FCH-03-1-2018: Developing Fuel Cell applications for port/harbour ecosystems
– FCH-04-1-2018: PNR for safety of hydrogen driven vehicles and transport through tunnels and similar confined spaces
– FCH-04-2-2018: Hydrogen admixtures in the natural gas grid
– FCH-04-3-2018: Accelerated Stress Testing (AST) protocols for Solid Oxide Cells (SOC)
– FCH-04-4-2018: Strengthening public acceptance and awareness of FCH-technologies by educating pupils at schools

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