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Sectors: Energy, Environment, Health, Innovation, New technologies, Research, Transport

Beneficiaries: Administrations States, Corporations, Local and Regional authorities, Research centres, Schools, SMEs, Universities

Regions: European Union

Category: Call for proposals


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Associated country to Horizon 2020: 
Albanie; Bosnie-Herzégovine; Iles Feroe; Ancienne république Yougoslave de Macédoine; Islande; Israël; Moldavie; Montenegro; Norvège; Serbie; Suisse; Tunisie; Turquie; Ukraine


WE funding – H2020 JTI – To Encourage…
Funds for: To encourage private investments in aeronautics research
Main beneficiaries: corporations

Responsible: European Commission


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Funds for: To encourage private investments in aeronautics research
Main beneficiaries: corporations

Priorities and funded actions:


JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-AIR-01-37: Composite mould tool based on 3D printing; 
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-AIR-01-38: Innovative test rig for the investigation of gust loads in transonic flow conditions; 
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-AIR-01-39: In-Seat Ventilation & Supply for Personalized Comfort Control on Board an Aircraft; 
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-AIR-02-60: Full Scale Innovative Integrated Tooling for Composite Material Wing Box [SAT]; 
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-AIR-02-61: Development and Optimization of Bonding Assembly Technology for a Composite Material Wingbox; 
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-AIR-02-62: Virtual-Hybrid-Real On Ground demonstration for HVDC & EMA Integration; 
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-AIR-02-63: Enhanced Low Cost Complex Composite Structures; 
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-AIR-02-64: Cold Spray of metallic coatings on polymer and composite materials [SAT]; 
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-AIR-02-65: Design of special welding head for FSW process with automatic adjustable pin and welding force control system [SAT]; 
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-AIR-02-66: Evaluation and modelling of comfort driving parameters in a Cabin Demonstrator; 
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-AIR-02-67: Model based development of an innovative ECS air distribution system for ground testing with a Cabin Demonstrator; 
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-AIR-03-01: Bio contamination survey; 
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-AIR-03-02: Non destructive testing (NDT) of bonded assemblies; 
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-AIR-03-03: Sizing for recycled carbon fibres to optimise adhesion in organic/inorganic composite materials; 
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-AIR-03-04: Development of an anaerobic digester prototype for aircraft use; 
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-AIR-03-05: Development and evaluation of a manufacturing process for a lightweight aircraft wheel made of CFRP; 
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-ENG-01-32: Optimized UHPE flow path cooling design and testing using advanced manufacturing techniques; 
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-ENG-01-33: Prediction of High Frequency Vibrations in Aircraft Engines; 
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-ENG-01-34: Airflow characterization through rotating labyrinth seal; 
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-ENG-01-35: Oil flow 4 channels regulation valves; 
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-ENG-01-36: Optimizing impingement cooling; 
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-ENG-01-37: Aerodynamic upgrade of Surface Air Cooled Oil Cooler (SACOC); 
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-ENG-01-38: Low NOx / Low soot injection system design for spinning combustion technology; 
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-ENG-02-09: Development and verification of microstructure, residual stress and deformation simulation capability for additive free-form deposition using multiple superalloys; 
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-ENG-03-23: Probabilistic simulation of defect probability in LWD – Wire fusion processes;
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-ENG-03-24: VHCF material model for case hardened gear steels for application in an epicyclic power gearbox; 
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-ENG-03-25: Development of design methodologies for thermal management and scavenge / sealing interactions in future ventless UltraFan bearing chambers;
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-FRC-01-18: Adoption of a “Digital Transformation” approach to improve NGCTR design and simulation;
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-FRC-01-19: Certification by Simulation for Rotorcraft Flight Aspects (CSRFA);
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-FRC-01-20: Design, development and flight qualification of a supercritical composite shaft drive line for tiltrotor main drive system;
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-FRC-01-21: Development of integrated engine air intake and protection systems for Tilt Rotor; 
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-FRC-01-22: Engine exhaust wake flow regulator for Tilt Rotor;
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-FRC-01-23: Experimental characterization and optimization of the RH and LH Engine intakes configuration of the next generation Tilt Rotor;
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-FRC-01-24: High efficiency full electrical low pressure Compartment Pressure Control System for tilt-rotor applications;
 JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-LPA-01-47: High Performance Electrical Components for Bleed Control;
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-LPA-01-48: Advanced Pitch Control Mechanism TRL4 Demonstration;
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-LPA-01-49: Oil Transfer Bearing for Advanced Pitch Change Mechanism;
 JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-LPA-01-50: Development and manufacturing of innovative tooling for composite parts;
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-LPA-01-51: Design and manufacturing of a large-scale HLFC wing model for a transonic WTT;
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-LPA-01-52: Thermo-mechanical design validation of compact heat exchanger by thermal cycling life prediction;
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-LPA-01-53: Compact Matrix Air Oil Heat Exchanger;
 JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-LPA-01-54: Development of Measurement Techniques for Visualisation and Evaluation of Reverse Flow Interactions with Fan;
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-LPA-01-55: Development of AC cabling technologies for >1kV aerospace applications ;
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-LPA-01-56: Aerospace standard Lightweight SSPC for High voltage >1kA application;
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-LPA-01-57: Innovative Power and data transfer solutions for nacelle;
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-LPA-02-23: “Development and execution of new test procedures for thermoplastic aircraft fuselage panels;
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-LPA-02-24: Generic added structures on shells made from thermoplastic sheet material;
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-LPA-02-25: Micro mechanical characteristics of a PEKK Co-consolidation / welded joint for use in thermoplastic fuselages;
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-LPA-02-26: Multifunctional Aircraft Power Network with Electrical Switching ;
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-LPA-03-15: Pilot monitoring in service data collection;
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-REG-01-16: Innovative recirculation/air treatment system;
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-REG-01-17: Full scale innovative pressure bulkheads for Regional Aircraft Fuselage barrel on-ground demonstrators;
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-REG-02-05: High fidelity power effects aerodynamics at High Reynolds conditions in Regional turboprop configuration;
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-REG-03-01: Laminar Flow robustness and Load control effectiveness evaluation for a Regional Turboprop wing;
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-SYS-02-46: Modeling of friction effects caused by surface contact with high pressure and rapid movement;
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-SYS-02-47: New grip generation for active inceptor;
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-SYS-02-48: Design and development of a long stroke Piezo Electric Actuator ;
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-SYS-02-49: Health Monitoring for Electro-Hydraulic Actuator fluid;
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-SYS-02-50: Innovative RTM tooling for CFRP primary structural parts;
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-SYS-02-51: Innovative quality inspection methods for CFRP primary structural parts 
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-SYS-02-52: Innovative Composite Material Qualification Methodologies;
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-SYS-02-53: Development of an optimized DC-DC converter for a smart electrical system;
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-SYS-02-54: Development of a HVDC current limiter;
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-SYS-02-55: Air treatment system for airborne microbe removal from air circulation or chambers;
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-SYS-03-17: Improved Thermal Properties of Computing Platforms for Next-Generation Avionics [SAT];
JTI-CS2-2018-CfP08-SYS-03-18: Development and testing of innovative Cr free anodic layers removal solution;
JTI-CS2-2018-CFP08-THT-01: Innovative NOx Reduction Technologies;
JTI-CS2-2018-CFP08-THT-02: Cognitive Computing potential for cockpit operations;